Your guide to a healthier life and planet

At humble market, we adhere to strict quality standards to be able to give you the ease and peace-of-mind to make the healthiest decisions for yourself and loved ones.

By carefully inspecting the ingredients of our products and considering how they’re packaged, we ensure that what you find here are living essentials that are mindful of your health and their impact on the world around us; and, of how our actions affect the generations to come.

Get your refills, package-free.


BYOC (bring your own containers)! But if you forget them, we have pre-washed reusable jars and cloth bags for sale, and free brown paper bags.


This simply means that you need to place your empty container on the scale and press the TARE button to automatically subtract its weight.


Use our dispensers or scoopers to fill up your container with any of the bulk products on display. You can put multiple products in one, but weigh them separately!


Weigh your container and take note of the weight and name of the product using your phone or the provided recycled note sheets. Simply take a photo or write/type it down.


Share your notes with our lovely baristas at the cafe counter, and pay the full bill through multiple payment options: cash, debit, credit or GCash. 

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