Pure Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is a naturally sweet and creamy spread, made from finely ground cashews, with no added oils, salts, and sugars. It contains proteins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, riboflavin, and other nutrients.

What makes it unique? Cashew butter contains a balanced amount of oleic acid (healthy fats) that our bodies require. A naturally sweet spoonful of cashew butter can make your meals nutritious and dense.

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100% pure cashew butter with no sugar, salt and added oils – a healthy nut butter spread with heart healthy fats, fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

What makes it unique? It contains no salt, no sugar, no added oils. No extras, just a whole lot of nutty goodness!


Weight380.0 g
Net Weight

100g, 200g, 450g

Personal Wellness Benefits

  1. Good source of Magnesium – Cashew butter is a good source of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays a pivotal role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Consumption of magnesium is important for keeping muscles in shape, and ensuring the metabolic functions and the immune system are optimal.
  2. Excellent source of Iron and Selenium – Cashew butter contains a fair amount of iron. Without iron, you may be subjected to anemia and fatigue. This butter also contains Selenium. This is vital for health as it fights free radicals and stops them from damaging the DNA membrane and cells.
  3. Contains less fat compared to other nut butters – You intake far less amount of fat by eating cashew butter compared to peanut butter, and other types of nut-derived butter. In a tablespoon of cashew butter, you get 94 calories, which is less than other variants.
  4. Promotes cardiac health – Cashew butter contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help fight the development of harmful cholesterol levels in the body. This in turn reduces the risk of various heart ailments.

Environmental Wellness Benefits

  1. Plastic-free Packaging
  2. Plastic-free Shipping

Nutrition Facts


Locally made from 100% locally sourced cashews. No added oils, salts, and sugars.

Serving Suggestions

You can use this creamy spread just about anywhere you’d use peanut butter: in muffins, cookies, bread, and desserts, as well as savory noodle dishes, smoothies, and, of course, a “CBJ” sandwich of cashew butter and jelly. As a snack, cashew butter spreads easily on crackers or fresh fruit. Or, mix a spoonful into yogurt or oatmeal for an extra pop of protein.


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Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.


10 months




Q: Should I keep it in the fridge after opening it?
A: Refrigeration makes our nut and seed butter last even longer, but it is not necessary unless you feel that you will not be able to finish consuming an opened jar within 3 months. It is not harmful to eat after their best before dates but do keep in mind that they will be past their prime in terms of flavor and freshness.


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