Heavy Loofah Scrubber


100% Compostable cleaning scourer and scrubber made from a loofah gourd.

What makes it unique? This scrubber is bio-based and plastic-free which makes it a natural alternative to synthetic scrubbers and loofahs. Strong, yet gentle to effectively scrub plates, pots, pans, and other surfaces.

Find out more information about Humble Essentials’ Heavy Loofah Scrubber below.

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Weight21.0 g

Personal Wellness Benefits

  1. Do not harbor bacteria – Dish sponges or dishcloths are spaces where bacteria can spread and grow. The Heavy Loofah Scrubber is able to shed moisture which prevents bacteria growth and odors.

Environmental Wellness Benefits

  1. Plastic-free Packaging
  2. Plastic-free Shipping
  3. Compostable


Loofah gourd (vegetable), cotton

How to use

To hydrate, simply soak the scrubber in water for a few minutes and use as you would any scrubber.


Hang to dry and keep out of damp areas when not in use.


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