Kween Hands Sanitizer


A hand sanitizer and moisturizer in one! Made from Aloe Vera and Sugarcane extract guaranteed to deeply clean and soften your skin at the same time! Made from the following kid-safe essential oils: Marjoram Sweet, Spruce Hemlock, Rosalina, Lavender, and Lemon!

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Weight80.0 g
Dimensions10.4 × 3 cm


Cleans and softens the skin without any harmful chemicals.

How to use

Place a pea-size amount on your hands and rub thoroughly.


Aloe Vera Gel, Sugarcane Extract, Marjoram Sweet Essential Oil, Spruce Hemlock Essential Oil, Rosalina Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil.

Care/ Shelf-life

storage instructions of the product

Packaging/ End-of-life


Glass bottle with plastic pump and cover


Reuse container for refills, reuse for other purposes, or send to a recycling facility/ center.