Honey Herb Throat Soother Refill

3.85 /g

Our honey herb throat soother is a remedy for itchy, sore throat, cough and colds, and relieves discomfort of beginning colds and flu.

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Provides energy
  • Contains prebiotics and vitamins
  • Made with premium, all-natural ingredients
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An itchy and sore throat, cough and colds remedy that aims to relieve discomfort of beginning colds and flu and provides the body with natural extracts from herbs that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, and Raw honey that provides energy and prebiotics and vitamins to help keep the body in fighting shape and gives it a better chance of healing itself.

How to use

At the onset of sore throat or cough, drink a warm glass of water followed shortly by 15 ml or 1 tbsp of the Honey Herb Throat Soother. Follow this with a half glass of water 3 mins. after. Take as often as every 2 hours on the 1st day and 3x a day as needed in succeeding days. As tea, stir and dissolve 1-2 tbsp of the Honey Herb Throat Soother in a cup of hot/warm water and sip to soothe throat.


Raw Honey, Ginger, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Oregano.


Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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