Coconut Sugar

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Coconut sugar is a plant-derived all-natural sweetener made from the sap of the coconut palm tree. It has a low glycemic index as compared to regular table sugar.

What makes it unique? As a healthy table sugar alternative, coconut sugar also contains trace amounts of vitamin C and other vitamins, as well as minerals like iron, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

  • Minimally processed
  • Organic


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Net Weight

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Personal Wellness Benefits

  1. Reduces weight gain – With a lower level of fructose than normal table sugar, coconut sugar is less likely to contribute to fat deposition.
  2. Increases blood circulation – The small level of iron found in coconut sugar will have an impact on your overall blood circulation, which can increase oxygenation and nutrient availability in the body.
  3. Lowers bad cholesterol – The unique form of fiber found in coconut sugar, inulin, has been linked to lowering overall cholesterol levels in the body. By lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol, this sugar can help minimize your cardiovascular risk and prevent symptoms of atherosclerosis and plaque deposition.
  4. Prevents oxidative stress – Polyphenolic compounds and phytonutrients in this sugar act as antioxidants in the body. This will lower the impact of free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, which increases the risk of chronic diseases and chronic inflammation, among others.
  5. Regulates blood pressure – The amount of potassium in this sugar may be minimal but it is enough to affect blood pressure. Potassium acts as a vasodilator in the body, relieving tension in the blood vessels and arteries and preventing strain on the cardiovascular system, including lowering your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Environmental Wellness Benefits

  1. Plastic-free Packaging
  2. Plastic-free Shipping
  3. Certified Organic – No artificial chemicals or additives are used in processing our coconut sugar
  4. 100% Locally made in the Philippines – Our coconut sugar is sourced locally and supports fair trade with local agricultural enterprises.

Nutrition Facts

  • Serving size: 1 tsp
  • Calories: 15
  • Carbohydrates: 4g
  • Sugars: 4g


Coconut sugar is 100% derived from the coconut fruit of the coconut palm tree. Created following a simple collection and production process.

How to use

Coconut sugar can be used in many ways, just as regular sugar. Coconut sugar can be used in the preparation of desserts and candies, and also added to cocktails, shakes, or smoothies for a sweet boost. You can also use coconut sugar on savory dishes or on vegetables/fruits to caramelize them.


Healthy Nutella

French Silk Brownies

Storage Instructions

Store in any container and keep in a cool, dry place.


2 years




Q: On what ratio must I substitute coconut sugar to refined sugar?
A: The sweetness of coconut sugar may be more subtle, compared to refined white sugar. Start by using coconut sugar in a 1:1 ratio and gradually increase the measure as necessary.


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