Black Sesame Seeds

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What is it?

Black sesame seeds are unhulled, small, flat, oily seeds that are known for being rich in nutrients that support optimal health, and regularly eating them have specific high-nutritional benefits.

What makes it unique?

One reason why black sesame seeds could be so beneficial to health is due to the seeds’ effects on oxidative stress, particularly for people who are living with a chronic disease. It’s a healthy ingredient that can be added as a garnish to almost any dish.


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Net Weight

500g, 250g

Personal Wellness Benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants

All sesame seeds contain antioxidants and healthy plant chemicals, but black sesame seeds appear to be a particularly rich source. Antioxidants are substances that play an important role in preventing or slowing different types of cell damage in your body.

  • Contains anti-aging properties

Black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B and iron, and most people who have a vitamin B or iron deficiency show symptoms like hair turning gray, hearing loss and memory loss, all of which are the indicators of aging.

  • Decreases risk of cancer

The sesamin found in sesame seeds is found to protect the liver against the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Also, the seeds are rich in fiber, lignans, and phytochemicals, that can protect you against the development of colon cancer.

  • Stabilizes blood pressure

Black sesame seeds are rich in magnesium that helps prevent hypertension. Polyunsaturated fats and the compound sesamin present in sesame oil are known to keep blood pressure levels in check.

Environment Wellness Benefits

  • Plastic-free packaging

Just like most, if not all, of our products, this is also refillable in-store!

  • Plastic-free shipping

We carefully look for delivery options that adhere to our zero-waste advocacy.

Descriptive Ingredients

100% black sesame seeds

Serving Suggestions

The seeds are incredibly versatile when it comes to their culinary uses. They can easily be sprinkled onto salads, vegetables, and noodle and rice dishes. The seeds can even be used in baked goods or as a crunchy coating for fish.

Black sesame seeds can easily be processed into a milk or tahini paste, and black sesame seed oil can be used just as any other oil would be.


Yaki Udon

Yaki udon recipe – BBC Food

Furikake Fries

Furikake fries recipe – BBC Food

Storage Instructions

Store in a container, preferably glass. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life

6-12 months




  1. What’s the difference between black and white sesame seeds?

Black or other colored sesame seeds have been left whole with the outer hull of the shell intact while pure white sesame seeds have had the hull removed. In addition to containing more nutrients, black sesame seeds have a stronger flavor and more crunch than white sesame seeds that have had their outer hull removed.

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