Bamboo Tea Infuser Tumbler


Our bamboo tea infuser tumbler is an eco-friendly travel and home tea infuser, made with a layer of bamboo outside the stainless steel bottle, and a removable tea strainer.

What makes it unique?

  1. An alternative to single-use coffee and tea plastic and styrofoam cups.
  2. Keeps your beverage cold or hot for longer
  3. Food Safe
  4. BPA Free

Find out more information about Humble Essentials’ Bamboo Tea Infuser Tumbler below.

Weight351.0 g
Dimensions21.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm

Personal Wellness Benefits

  1. Safe to drink fromPlastic cups and mugs, are made from polypropylene which is a petroleum-derived chemical that may leach into liquids especially when placing hot liquids inside. Stainless steel is safer for human health as it is both durable and does not leach any chemicals into your hot beverages.

Environmental Wellness Benefits

  1.  Plastic-free Shipping


Stainless Steel, bamboo, and a plastic lining

How to use

Use to contain your hot or cold beverages during a car ride, while travelling, at work, etc. 

2 ways to use the strainer:

  1. Place loose tea leaves in the strainer while in the tumbler, then pouring hot water over. Remove the strainer with the tea leaves before drinking.
  2. Place loose tea leaves in the tumbler, fill with hot water, place the strainer into the tumbler to strain the tea leaves from inside.


Clean and dry properly after using to prevent wood decay. 


Store in a clean, dry area.


It may last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Packaging/ End-of-life




Re-purpose or send to a recycling facility/ center.