4-Week Plant-Based Nutrition Program with Roni Matalog, RND

­­One of the most powerful decisions you can make to improve and boost your health, fitness, energy levels, and to prevent chronic disease is to transition into a plant-based lifestyle. What is a plant-based lifestyle? It’s simple: it’s consuming foods derived from plants that are minimally processed, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

The benefits of a healthy plant-based lifestyle are enormous. Researches, science, and success stories show that changing your nutrition is a powerful way to live a healthier and longer life. It also helps the environment, and reduces your risk of getting sick.

Are you thinking about going plant-based? Are you interested to learn more about this lifestyle? Do you want to be guided on how to transition in a healthy way which you could sustain long-term? Do you need one-on-one support with a partner as you fully integrate a plant-based lifestyle into your life? This 4-Week Plant-Based Nutrition Program focuses on a plant-based approach to your health and wellness goals.

Who should sign up?

  • People who want to understand the science behind and the benefits of a plant based diet
  • People who want to learn more plant-based recipes to incorporate into their diet
  • People who want customised guidance on how to successfully and healthily prepare their plant-based meals to maximize nutrition and its benefits
  • People who want to sustainably transition into a plant-based diet and lifestyle
  • People who want to improve their health and quality of life

What You’ll Get and Learn

  • Plant-based nutrition coaching to allow you to make changes slowly, but sustainably
  • Set personalized health goals and implement action plans to eat a healthy plant-based diet
  • Analyze your current diet, eating habits, and I’ll suggest simple changes you can make to ensure you get the health goals you want.
  • Support, accountability, tips and education you need to stick with this lifestyle for good.
  • Recommendations, resources and guides on plant-based nutrition.
  • Weekly challenges to help you transition fully to a plant-based diet.

Here’s What We’ll Cover Together

  • The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
  • Nutrition and Behavioral Assessment Tools
  • The Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats), Vitamins and Minerals, and their Requirements
  • Food Journaling, Dietary Assessments, and Recommendations
  • Phasing of the Transition to a Plant-Based Diet
  • The Plant-Based Plate, What-to-Eat Guide, and Recommendations
  • Resources and Recommendations on Recipes, Books, Documentaries, Articles, Tools and Studies

Program inclusions

  • Free initial 30-minute video call
  • 5x 60-minutes online coaching sessions weekly on Fridays or Saturdays
  • Text, call, or email support between sessions
  • Individual support towards health and fitness goals
  • Nutrition monitoring
  • Personalized nutritional advice and guidance to create and implement sustainable strategies and habits
  • 10% discount on food products at Humble Market’s online store and Ydg Coffee Branch in Mandaluyong City for 2 months starting from your 1st session
In partnership with Humble Market, 10% discounts on package-free shopping for food items at their physical and online stores are offered for those who join the program!

Your Health Investment

  • P3,500.00

Meet Your RND

Hola! I’m Roni. I’ve been a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (RND) from University of the Philippines – Los Baños since 2010 and has worked in the hotel and restaurant industry for the past 10 years.

Last October 19, 2019, I received my certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University and T.Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

My goal is to help you transition into a healthy, plant-based diet without restrictions or deprivations, and to help others become healthier to fully enjoy a better quality of life.

My plant-based journey started last year, 2019, when I watched a number of documentaries discussing the impact of our diet to our health, environment and animals. I was surprised to learn that my current diet was still not healthy with animal proteins contributing to almost 30% of my food intake. I took the initiative and decided to go on a “30-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge”. Those 30 days turned to 60 days, then to 90 days, until I stopped counting the days and decided to fully integrate it into my lifestyle.

Yes, it was challenging at first, but once I learned how to improve on the choices of my meals, one food and one meal at a time, it got easier and smoother without the feeling of depriving myself of the pleasure of eating. Also, I felt a big difference on my health – weight loss, never had constipation problems anymore, had regular and easy bowel movements, performed better in my workouts and in sports (dragon boat paddling), faster muscle recovery, lowered my cholesterol and many more other things.

The challenge gave me the first-hand experience of being on a plant-based diet, which I’m excited to share with you to help you on your own plant-based journey. I want to help individuals make a positive and sustainable change to health in order to live and enjoy a better quality of life while protecting the environment and all beings.

How to Register

If you’re interested and would like to schedule the free initial 30-minute online session (video call), please email me at ronimatalog@gmail.com.  I’ll discuss the program further, answer any questions you might have, and ask to understand your health and/or fitness goals. Through this call, you can decide whether this program would be the right fit for you.

In order to give every client my 100%. I can only take on a limited amount of people. Therefore, slots will be given to those who first fully register. 

Make the change now for a happier and healthier life, and you won’t regret it.

Humble Market

Humble Market is a store providing natural and sustainable living essentials for people who choose to invest in their health. It helps people nurture and enrich their lives by offering products and opportunities that are mindful of the self and its relationship with the environment. It was established to help people achieve the highest quality of health possible, and make sustainable living the new norm. Its first store opened in Mandala Park in July 2018, then later expanded to Molito Alabang in June 2019.

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    Hi ! Its 2023 na active pa itong program mo?

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