This is a private page reserved for businesses we find alignment and would like to explore a partnership with. Please DO NOT share this link with others. If you know of another business that would like to join our community, please invite them to send their Expression of Interest through our Contact Form.


When it comes to partnerships, it is our aim to provide a platform for brands that value wellness and sustainable living as much as we do. Together, we can strengthen our reach to as many Filipinos possible to improve their quality of life, and guide and enable them in bringing more mindful practices day-to-day. As a business, it our aim to make sustainable the living the new norm.

We want to partner with you because we believe in your products, and want to make them available and accessible to help and excite our community.

To make this possible, we’ve prepared these simple steps to guide you in onboarding with us. Please, let us know via our Contact Form if you have any concerns, questions or require further guidance. 

We are so excited to start this new partnership with you!