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Humble Market Makes A Strong Case for Sustainable Shopping

The following excerpt was taken from this article written and published about Humble Market for NOLISOLI.

By Idge D. Mendiola

The one-stop shop in Mandaluyong is your source for package-free staples

Have you ever considered how much waste you’ve produced over the years? All the non-biodegradable food packaging and unrecyclable plastic bags you’ve thrown out without care? Imagine the amount of trash that’s come out of your house all your life. Alarmed yet? Now, don’t feel too hopeless.

Enter Humble Market, a modest outlet with a herculean mission that’s recently found its home inside YDG Coffee in Mandala Park, Mandaluyong. “When it comes to food, we’ve grown so used to making our trips to grocery stores with buying ingredients that have been pre-packaged (most often in plastic) and in pre-measured quantities or volumes. At [Humble Market], you have the option to bring your own container and fill it and pay only for the amount that you want or need,” shares owner Roanna Medina.

Humble Market

Humble Market is a store providing natural and sustainable living essentials for people who choose to invest in their health. It helps people nurture and enrich their lives by offering products and opportunities that are mindful of the self and its relationship with the environment. It was established to help people achieve the highest quality of health possible, and make sustainable living the new norm. Its first store opened in Mandala Park in July 2018, then later expanded to Molito Alabang in June 2019.

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