Frequently Asked Questions

Our Purchasing Team goes the extra mile in researching and testing to ensure that the ingredients and materials used in all our products are the most safe and non-toxic, and make use of mindful packaging.

If any of the ingredients or materials fail our standards, we make sure to inform our partners,  suppliers or vendors immediately and even lend a hand by suggesting healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Our products are not all local, however, we prioritize locally sourced and produced products when available. As we expand our product line to provide our customers with more and more natural and sustainable living options, we also welcome products sourced from other countries (when not available in the Philippines) to support different lifestyles.

Being 100% plastic-free is an ideal goal but is still quite impossible to achieve due to what’s available in the market. Instead, we research and assess our options and aim to be as “waste-less” as possible by making business decisions following the 5R’s of Zero Waste Living:

Currently, we ship within Metro Manila, with plans to grow and expand to cater to the rest of the country. Please stay tuned for updates!

At the moment, no. Due to packaging constraints, not all products can be purchased online, especially liquids such as oils and toiletries. You’ll find them labeled with the locations they can be purchased from on our Shop Page.

We’re currently in 2 locations! All store information such as our addresses, directions and store hours can be found on this page.

You can use our Shop page and its store availability filter (on the left panel) as a product catalog. There, you can find information such as what products are available in each of our locations and which of them have refillable options. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space right now to place all our products on our store shelves.

For products with refillable options in-store, simple follow these steps:

  1. Prepare — bring your own container to avoid unnecessary waste. If you don’t have any, we provide free brown paper bags, or you can purchase reusable glass jars or cloth bags.
  2. Tare — place your empty container on the scale and press the TARE button to automatically subtract its weight and bring the measurement down to zero.
  3. Fill — fill your container with as little or as much as you want or need of any of the bulk products on display! Remember to be careful not to spill, and that you cannot return excess products as a courtesy to other customers.
  4. Weigh — weigh your filled container and take note of its name and weight using your phone or the provided recycled note sheets.
  5. Pay bring your items to the cashier and pay via cash, credit card, debit card, or GCash. 

We currently offer Cash, Credit/ Debit, and GCash options at the Mandaluyong branch, and Cash, Credit/ Debit options at the Alabang branch.

As a self-service store, we try to make sure to label our shelves with instructions to guide you. If you need further support, the lovely baristas at Ydg Coffee and Group & Boiler Coffee Co., would be happy to assist you. 

We do not accept product reservations. It would be best to visit us on weekdays during off-peak hours to be sure to find what you want. Weekends, especially Sundays, are the busiest for us.

You may also purchase your items on our online shop and have them shipped straight to your door (Metro Manila residents only).

The full list of our previous and upcoming events are in one place: check out our calendar on our Facebook Page.

We love getting together with people, so we hope you RSVP. Hope to see you at our events!

Yes, we are always open to new partnerships! Please write to us with your proposal and list of products through our contact form below! 

Yes, we do! Please refer to our Shop page (and use the wholesale filter) as our product catalog. For further inquiries, please write to use through our contact form below.

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