The Little Green Home was lovingly created by a husband & wife team, committed to help mother earth in their own little way. They are both advertising practitioners with more than 15 years experience, having handled a roster of different brand categories from real estate, FMCG, pharmaceutical and more. They then decided to focus on what's more important to them, which is to nurture family & to ensure that their kids will experience a better mother earth, by slowly transitioning in 2011 to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. This lifestyle and advocacy further evolved into giving birth to The Little Green Home Ph, where they curate zero-waste products that would influence their family & friends to live a more environmentally-conscious life. Part of their personal project was to create hand-made hair & body bars for their home to cut-back on plastic bottles they accumulate monthly (because they both sport long hair!). After a couple of years, they decided to launch these bars as their hero product at their online store.