Your personal journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and ultimately, better health, starts with a single step. And, we're here to guide you.

We are a holistic wellness bulk and multichannel store, providing natural and sustainable living essentials for businesses and consumers who value and choose to invest in personal & environmental wellness. We help people nurture and enrich their lives by offering products and opportunities that are mindful of the self and our relationship with the environment. We exist to help people achieve the highest quality of health possible, and make sustainable living the new norm.

Our first store opened in Mandala Park in July 2018.

Our Values


Choosing to have empathy and respect for all things living – starting with ourselves and extending to others.


Having certainty that our decisions, products and practices follow the highest moral and ethical standards.


Knowing that every effort, no matter how small, makes a difference – believing that focusing on the positive can create more lasting change.

Inner Strength

Consciously and purposefully creating a better future by elevating our creativity, tenacity and our builder-mindset.


Being a “no ego” doer, and knowing how to harness the power of simplicity and authenticity in the pursuit of our goals.

We believe that everything is connected which is why we take on a holistic approach to health, wellness and sustainability, and aim to close the loop.

We want to be able to open and shape minds into becoming more mindful and aware of how our decisions and actions not only affect us, but the world, those around us, and especially the generations to come. 

Our Founder

Roanna is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC). As such, she works with individuals and group clients in strategy building and implementing behavior changes (in diet, lifestyle and environment) to achieve specific health goals that span the broad wellness spectrum.

Her shift to the wellness industry was triggered after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which she is now completely free of. Since, she has taken her own experience constructively, combining that with the knowledge and training she continues to invest in to enable and empower others to achieve the highest quality of health possible.

Our Team

We are proud to be a women owned and operated company, with empowered team members who actively care for our well-being, and that of our families, pets, home plants and environment. 

Though our lifestyles and interests are different, we share the same passion for health and sustainability, and are truly in our mission together to make sustainability the new norm in our lives. In the process, we support each other in our imperfections, and challenge each other to continually learn and grow. 

If you wish to be a part of our team, check out available positions and send us your application through the link below.